List of stands - Nameštaj za stanovanje - Bosna i Hercegovina

„ DEL „ doo
- Welcome! Check out our gallery of products! We are available for all types of information, assistance and advice. Your, Dell Inc

- 01/01/2003 The company manufacturing furniture ADONIS FURNITURE EXPORT-IMPORT start their business and then successfully market its high quality products to domestic and foreign markets. Separates the extraordinary business relationship with the Norwegian market. We are committed to the production of furniture made to order. Our product range comprises of furniture for various purposes such as kitchens, bedrooms and children's rooms, closets, cabinets, tables, shelves ...


Arting gradnja d.o.o.
- Equip residential, tourist and catering establishments solid wood (oak, ash, beech, cherry) Specificity of our portfolio is that in addition to modern design furniture unique furniture work. The preparation was according to customer - design, dimensions, type of solid wood is important to note that our products are standard (tables, chairs, beds-bedroom furniture, cabinets, cabinets and doors made of solid wood tested at the Zagreb Institute of Quality Euroinspekt - drvokontrola

BOMA d.o.o.
- Welcome to our booth. We wish you a pleasant stay at our stand

- Dear Visitors! Welcome to the world of rest and comfort! Let us introduce Senso mattresses and pillows!


DIVAN d.o.o. Vitez
- Welcome, look at a wide range of furniture and upholstery factory Divan doo Vitez

d.o.o. Izazov Kalesija
- Part of our daily business is customer service. Would you like your furniture tomorrow, at your service delivery in all cities where our salons, and delivery across the country. Anything is possible! In its intensive promotion furniture factory ltd Challenge has developed its own retail network, and now opened a new exhibition and sales facility at 3000 m2

drvo-dizajn d.o.o.
- Lumber Company - engaged in the design of furniture, decoration interijera.izradom with room and front door. Jednostavnos elements, functionality, refinement, processing, modern look is the shortest description of our furniture. We guarantee the furniture that meets all standards.

Ećo Company
- Welcome! Furniture factory Ećo Company specializes in the manufacture of furniture and upholstery, which follows the latest developments in terms of production technology, materials and design. All products are represented in the catalog are the standard dimensions, with the possibility of selecting materials, whether it is a meble fabrics, eco-skin or skin. Our products are guaranteed for quality ISO 9001:2000

- Welcome! see our varied offer!

Fis - namještaj Ambyenta
- Furniture Ambyenta offers modern and economical furniture that will fit best in your living and working space and follow you through all periods of your life.


- TD Ihtijarević EX-HIGH IMP is a company established in 1983. The main activity is the production of sofas and upholstered namještaja.Firma deals with the import of decorative fabrics, upholstery fabrics, carpets, and a representative of the few companies from Belgije.Izvozimo furniture in Croatia and Slovenia, and we wish to export to countries in Western Europe.

Intermer d.o.o. Sarajevo
- INTERMER se bavi izradom svih vrsta namještaja od pločastih materijala (oplemenjene iverice) po mjeri, prema želji, ideji, skici ili projektu kupaca. Izrađeno da traje, dizajnirano da omogući individualizam!

- Osnovna djelatnost firme je proizvodnja i promet namještaja. Iverex Komerc je prepoznatljiv po proizvodnji pločastog namještaja tj. kuhinja, ormara, plakara, dječijih soba, kompijuterskih stolova i kancelarisjkog (uredskog namještaja). Prisutni smo u salonima namještaja širom Bosne i Hercegovine, Crne Gore, Hrvatske i Austrije. Moto preduzeća je : "KUPUJTE SA POVJERENJEM".

- Production in our plants is being developed for many years years. Highlights from the production kitchen, bedroom and children's rooms, furniture for the living room, hallways, closets, American closets, school furniture, custom-made desk, chairs, sofas. We develop and equip office furniture contemporary design and superior quality.

- Welcome! Our timber industry is developed in two phases: the semi-final and final wood processing. In the semi-processed wood, we managed to wood from forests rich Bosnian produce quality material, cut and elementiranu, while we are in the final wood processing specialized in producing flooring and furniture corpus.

- Dobro došli na štand kompanije Malagić, Kompanija Malagić osnovana je 1990. godine kao mala obiteljska kompanija koja je svojim rukotvorinama napravila prve modele sjedećih garnitura, a danas kompanija Malagić iz dana u dan stvara nove garniture koje su prepoznate i na europskom tržištu.


Merceza d.o.o.
- Dobrodošli na naš štand

Mp Pandurević
- Welcome, we are dealing with the production of forged and stainless steel furniture and elements.

namještaj Aldža&Elvis


namjestaj ELEGANCE
- Dobro dosli na stand Elegance!

"NAMJEŠTAJ" Gradačac



- Dobro došli na štand namještaja(BRW) Jelovica! Vizija Jelovice je: • Uspješna i uvažena robna marka prepoznatljiva na širem području • Visokom kvalitetom proizvoda obezbijediti visok kvalitet stanovanja • Zadovoljstvo kupaca i partnera.

- Welcome to the Nova Forma stand, primary activities are manufacturing: Solid, upholstered, laminated glass and furniture. Sincerely, Nova Forma